Rose Wellness started as a call of duty. It began as way to spread the benefits of yoga to people that might have not otherwise tried this ancient and highly effective practice of wisdom. With stress and obesity rising significantly and health deteriorating substatially among Canadian’s, I knew the job was big. I knew I had to travel outside the gymnasium and fitness club floors to commence. I had to start inspiring organizations to make better health and wellness decisions. I chose to go out and reach the people where they were, if the people couldn’t otherwise reach me.
Rose Wellness became a way to harness my boundless energy and passion for the wellness industry. As I looked at my 14 year health and fitness career from a bird’s eye view, I knew I was pretty good at doing a little bit of everything but wanted to focus and become an expert on one thing. Although my freelance wellness business was flourishing, I knew it was time to do more. I had an overwhelming sense of responsibility to help those around me who seemed to be lacking wellness management tools and strategies.
I made a very conscious decision to bring all my combined expertise and education to best use by bringing Rose Wellness to life and actively working to improve the lives of Canadians through the very corporations who employ and rely upon them. I want to inspire organizations to become the best version of themselves that they can be by empowering their employees to be their personal best.  I am determined to see Canada become known as being home to the healthiest workplaces in the world.
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