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Corporate Innovation in the Workplace through Workplace -Wellness Strategies


If you work here, we work with you.  Our Workplace-Wellness Strategy is tailored to suit you. To understand what happens and how simple it is take a look at the very simple and effective procedure we follow: 


  • We provide you with  a ‘getting-started package’ about how to make  your yoga programming a success
  • We Conduct additional organizational research
  • We make decisions on class format based on needs analysis and company culture
  • We Present plans to you, help you determine and set goals and iterate the process, making changes where necessary
  • We send out pre-class assessments or a ‘wellness survey’ the choice of which is yours and whatever best suites your organization
  • We arrive 30 to 15 minutes early
  • We take our time to set-up, making any final adjustments to the space (We photgraph the set-up if it needs to be the same way for multiple days)
  • We welcome every single person into the space and inviting them to “Make yourself at home”
  • We read the room – gathering a feeling about the group in order to address any special needs or unique situations in a compassionate and professional manner.
  • We set class norms as a group – no cell phones? What would they like to focus on? Areas where they feel tension? No side conversations etc.
  • Explain what we are going to do.
  • Open the class
  • We begin with Postures & Movements
  • We flow into Visualization, Meditation & Relaxation
  • We Close the gathering
  • We offer time for future questions & post-assessment
  • We thank everyone and invite them up for some goodies and to talk with us after.
  • We take down and prepare for departure.
    Often people are so amazed at how great an effect so little effort can have, that your employees begin their own Re-evolution and get more serious about their health and wellness in general. This has positive benefits for both employee and employer. It is very simple to try out one of our workshops. You can choose a lunch hour / a Half day or full day / or hire us to work with you during an event (such as a conference) where your company can provide our services as a benefit for them, and brought to them by you and your company.
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EXPONENTIAL GROWTH through persistence, fortune and good old-fashioned effort!


The number of people over the last fifteen years, who’s lives I have had the opportunity to affect and change (from the smallest to greatest of ways) has been a real gift. My role as a professional health and fitness provider is first and foremost to be of service to those whom I teach. Whether it is hundreds of people in a filled auditorium during the afternoon break at a conference where I get to help people reconnect to their minds and bodies during a 3o minute session — or whether its a mini-retreat with clients through my supporting pilates Studio, and colleague and mentor Sagrario Castilla—or in any of the many situations through which our paths may have (or may yet) cross, I am grateful for the experience. You most certainly cannot go wrong in referring our services to your workplace team leaders and human resource managers. As workplaces come to understand through innovation and evolution that workplace wellness truly matters—from the bottom line up!—I and my colleagues will look forward to seeing you on the job in the near future.



  1. Integrate the yoga based practice into strategic planning, create simple baseline health assessment markers (not too invasive) and measure progress every 6 months
  2. Simply asking staff/employees/clients if yoga would be something they might be interested in learning more about will generate thought and curiosity
  3. Small mini survey with simple software?
  4. Posting yoga/meditation quotes that will inspire positive thinking and or behaviors
  5. Find out who in the office practices yoga and informally chat with what they love best about practicing
  6. See if they anyone in office wants to voluntarily help with the initiating the wellness program
  7. If you haven’t tried yoga or meditation – give it a try and experience firsthand what all the fuss is about

Feeling Good Looks GREAT!


As we all know, you get out what you put in! However, we haven’t really consciously connected with just how much how we FEEL improves how we LOOK. There are many reasons for this, besides the obvious that yoga, pilates, meditation and relaxation are physically healthy, they have powerful, less visible attributes such as self-confidence, contentment and positive-empowerment. This winning combination can make many quick-tempered people more calm while at the same time bolster the gusto of a person sometimes fearful of speaking up. Lets face it—positive emotional and mental results make us beautiful—even of others ‘can’t put their finger on the why of it! :)

Are your current wellness investments aligning with your organizations needs and goals?

Are your current wellness investments aligning with your organiztions needs and goals? Is there room for improvement for the mental and physical health of your employees?

Have you implemented a wellness initiative in the past, thought it would go great but it never went over well? Are you new to workplace wellness? Do you want to revive your current wellness programming?   Have you been asked to implement a program but don’t know where to begin? Are you overwhelmed with all the workplace wellness information out there and don’t know where to begin? Do you want to wow your bosses (and yourself for that matter) and bring in one of the most successful systems of holistic health care known on earth?  

The same way that exercise, meditation and relaxation help build new neuron connections within the brain, implementing a workplace wellness initiative can actually improve the connections between people within, throughout, and beyond the organization.


Do you want to keep the employees you have and attract new ones? Were you looking for a cost-effective, strategic and proactive way to mitigate health care costs? Who doesn’t want to have a happier, healthier more productive workforce?

Did you know that investing in workplace wellness won’t only save you money but make you money? Do you realize that you can bring in more business while cutting down costs at all levels of your business through a regular, customized, yoga-based wellness program? Are you ready to make the best investment of this century? Do you want to improve the health and safety of the workplace, the health of the community and the world at large? Are you ready to take responsibility for the health and well-being of your employees in this ever exponentially changing work environment? Do you want to provide your staff with the practical skills to manage their own wellness with energy and enthusiasm? Do you want to arm them with effective and practical techniques so they can be productive in today’s corporate environments? Do you want improved decision making, reduced conflict and a sense of loyalty and belonging built in your employees?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, Rose Wellness can help. We are committed to making wellness work in your organization. Where there is a will there’s a way. Beyond our offering of traditional yoga, pilates and meditation classes, we give you a signature seated yoga program.

Get Started! Send us a request.

Private Classes


Many a student has discovered what we do from experiencing a workshop put on by their employer. What often happens, when an employee applies themselves and begins to feel the invigoration that few simple exercises can provide and that they can do while sitting at their desk, is they begin to want more. Students will seek to deepen their relationship to a healthy lifestyle and become more interested in challenging themselves further. For some, joining one of the many group classes is sufficient. For others, a set of private classes, which can include training and mentoring, is what they really need to make progress.


As you can imagine there are only so many spaces available for this one-on-one work but it is intensely gratifying and I enjoy doing it. As long as there is space and time available I am happy to discuss private lessons and a custom program with you. If space is not available now, still feel welcome to let me know and we can introduce a number of great options, including but not limited to, putting you on a waiting list, getting you involved in group classes, connecting you with an alternate fitness professional, and more.

Getting Started!

Hi there and welcome to Rose Wellness !  Whether you think of  yourself as “Working—Wellness” to get the most out of your healthy life or as “Wellness—Working” for you already as you get the most of life, we invite you to share your experience with us! Join with us, learn with us, share this site with your friends, colleagues and co-workers.

This page is the home page/blog and will always house the latest updates. This post will always remain at the top to orient new visitors, so if you’ve been here before, scroll-on-down and get to all the new and exciting stories, events and offerings. Thank you.

If you’re not sure what we do and want us to come tell you—simply invite us to visit you and we’ll come and present to you, at your location. If you’re an employee, just let your HR department know and we will happily work with them to arrange a visit. We are open to all requests. We present to groups large and small alike.  Act now! We look forward to meeting with you soon. Send us a Note and This Post on Financial Benefits

The Benefits of Yoga are many…including some you may discover on your own :)


Have you ever wondered how you could have more and better sex? Or perhaps for some of us, some at all?! Well, exercise is the first step towards a healthy sex life. If you have neglected your health and are in a relationship you will be pleasantly surprised at how helpful a fit and active body can be! This isn’t all about shallow pleasures either! It turns out that health and fitness create a greatly improved mind-body experience. So you will also be better able to show compassion, understand you parter and communicate more effectively with them.




One of the easiest and most cost effective way to improve the overall wellbeing of people is through a dedicated, customized and consistent yoga practice. Practicing yoga doesn’t mean you need a great body, lu lu lemon outfit or any special equipment for that matter… just a tiny bit of willingness to try. We are not only focusing on the physical practice but (which is the most widely accepted limb of yoga today) following the ancient wisdom of Putanjali himself – that the path to a happier healthier more productive there is focus on postures, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation. That is where the magic happens.

Give mindfulness a chance. It’s easy to learn. You can do it anywhere at anytime. It is a practical skill that once you acquire; I guarantee you couldn’t imagine a world without it. Learn how to make decisions from a calm, centered place. Develop and cultivate a sense of peace in your life.