The beauty of our program is that it reaches that hard-to-reach-spot  in-between where employees tend to say “I don’t have time in my busy life to be healthy when work and family take up all my time” and employers say, “why is there so much work-place sickness, lack-lustre enthusiasm and low productivity” —this hard to reach zone is where we come in to your double benefit! By rocking a regular Yoga practice you will receive the following health rewards:




  • A happier, healthier more productive workforce
  • For every wellness dollar spent, earn three times the ROI (Harvard & Ivey, 2012)
  • Reduction in health care cost and premiums
  • Less injuries reported
  • Return on Value (ROV)
  • More engagement
  • Less employee conflict
  • More camaraderie
  • Improved decision making



  • more energy lower blood pressure levels
  • less stress or anxiety
  • improved immunity
  • increased flexibility
  • increased range of motion
  • improved concentration
  • better cardiovascular health and endurance
  • toned and strengthened muscles
  • better respiratory capacity
  • improved posture possible weight loss

For many, yoga provides you stress release and allows time for relaxation response and meditation. It also helps you to become more aware of your body and its potential to evolve (Medi Resource, 2014).


Over time, people who practice yoga notice physical, mental and even spiritual benefits.

“We’re rocking a regular Yoga practice”!