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Corporate Innovation in the Workplace through Workplace -Wellness Strategies


If you work here, we work with you.  Our Workplace-Wellness Strategy is tailored to suit you. To understand what happens and how simple it is take a look at the very simple and effective procedure we follow: 


  • We provide you with  a ‘getting-started package’ about how to make  your yoga programming a success
  • We Conduct additional organizational research
  • We make decisions on class format based on needs analysis and company culture
  • We Present plans to you, help you determine and set goals and iterate the process, making changes where necessary
  • We send out pre-class assessments or a ‘wellness survey’ the choice of which is yours and whatever best suites your organization
  • We arrive 30 to 15 minutes early
  • We take our time to set-up, making any final adjustments to the space (We photgraph the set-up if it needs to be the same way for multiple days)
  • We welcome every single person into the space and inviting them to “Make yourself at home”
  • We read the room – gathering a feeling about the group in order to address any special needs or unique situations in a compassionate and professional manner.
  • We set class norms as a group – no cell phones? What would they like to focus on? Areas where they feel tension? No side conversations etc.
  • Explain what we are going to do.
  • Open the class
  • We begin with Postures & Movements
  • We flow into Visualization, Meditation & Relaxation
  • We Close the gathering
  • We offer time for future questions & post-assessment
  • We thank everyone and invite them up for some goodies and to talk with us after.
  • We take down and prepare for departure.
    Often people are so amazed at how great an effect so little effort can have, that your employees begin their own Re-evolution and get more serious about their health and wellness in general. This has positive benefits for both employee and employer. It is very simple to try out one of our workshops. You can choose a lunch hour / a Half day or full day / or hire us to work with you during an event (such as a conference) where your company can provide our services as a benefit for them, and brought to them by you and your company.
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