EXPONENTIAL GROWTH through persistence, fortune and good old-fashioned effort!


The number of people over the last fifteen years, who’s lives I have had the opportunity to affect and change (from the smallest to greatest of ways) has been a real gift. My role as a professional health and fitness provider is first and foremost to be of service to those whom I teach. Whether it is hundreds of people in a filled auditorium during the afternoon break at a conference where I get to help people reconnect to their minds and bodies during a 3o minute session — or whether its a mini-retreat with clients through my supporting pilates Studio, and colleague and mentor Sagrario Castilla—or in any of the many situations through which our paths may have (or may yet) cross, I am grateful for the experience. You most certainly cannot go wrong in referring our services to your workplace team leaders and human resource managers. As workplaces come to understand through innovation and evolution that workplace wellness truly matters—from the bottom line up!—I and my colleagues will look forward to seeing you on the job in the near future.