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IS YOGA FOR YOU? (Open me)


For the employer, yoga is an incredibly cost-effective wellness strategy requiring minimal investment for maximal results. At Rose Wellness, yoga is for every body and everybody. Even people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and asthma can benefit from increased range of motion, muscle strength and endurance through yoga.


COST? (Open Me)

On average programs cost approximately $150 an hour while
Workshops and Conference packages vary as we tailor our programs to meet your specific requirements.

Am I Flexible enough? (Open Me)

Don’t I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

I'm in my Suit-how can I do Yoga? (Open Me)

Do I have to change my clothes?

Frequency? (Open Me)

How often should the yoga classes run?

The duration and frequency varies for each organization (although a two classes per week is suggested as part of a strategic approach to wellness). Our basic yoga is eight weeks long once per week whereas others are known to be more frequent and continue indefinitely.


COST- Who Pays? (Open Me)

Who typically ends up paying for these programs?

Yoga Programs are usually covered by the employer but, the employees have been known to partially or even fully subsidize the programming.


Is it only Corporate? (Open Me)

Does Rose Wellness also provide residential services?

Yes, residential packages are also available as the benefits of yoga can be experienced no matter where it is practiced :)


Retreats? (Open Me)

What are the mini-retreats about?

Rose Wellness also offers mini-retreat packages at the Sagrario Pilates Studio located right next to Wellesley Subway station in Downtown Toronto. Treat your employees and come join us for a day of wellness workshops, yoga or pilates practice and lunch. Massage therapy also available on-site.