Health and wellness begins with love and support. This has helped Paige utilize her passion and dedication for helping all people to aspire to being the best they can be. Her role as a fitness professional goes back almost 15 years, to 2000.


Currently she teaches a wide array of fitness programs. She enjoys integrating principles from Yoga and Pilates. She believes her love of teaching and appreciation for movement are her primary sources of inspiration along with a genuine love of life.


Her yogic journey began after being encouraged to teach a yoga stretch class back in 2001. Then knowing little about yoga and taking a giant leap of faith – she said YES! Her love of life then found expression through a joy of working with others.

Self-teaching on breathing, postures, meditation & relaxation all led to a single moment with only her breath and a pose—where she found a blissful balance. She noticed the difference between ‘effort’ and ‘letting go’ and the incredible strength that lives within the stillness.

She thought, “if only I could integrate this in my real life”!

In 2003, Paige completed her first round of Yoga Teacher Training with Maureen Rae and has been proud to be teaching a fusion of many styles ever since. Recently in 2013, she has begun to study classical Hatha style more intensely with Susie Dias at East to West Yoga in Toronto. As well, she is a protégé of Sagrario Castelli learning the repertoires of Ron Fletcher, one of the eight elders of Joseph Pilates’

In this phase of her development, it is less about ‘teaching’ the work and more about ‘feeling’ the work.

Today, she is dedicated to inspiring others to get to know their bodies, trust the process. and encourages fulfill their potential while enjoying life along the way. Since the very essence

Karma Yoga is the practice of giving without expecting anything in return,

it is a perfect opportunity for Paige to give back today what yoga has so freely given her in the past.

Paige Rose

BCOMM, FIS, PTS, RYT-200 (currently enrolled)

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