Wake when the cock crows! Start the day right—with a good night of rest—enabled by exercise.






SLEEP!  Do you feel like you ever get enough?!  Believe it or not most people either really don’t get enough sleep or they suffer from over-sleep—why do so few of us get the right amount of sleep?  Of all that we don’t know what has come to the forefront as a certainty is that healthy exercise really does allow us to enjoy better sleep.  From allowing us to ease the pent-up anxiety that we may feel due to work or other expectations, exercise actually chemically aids our body in reducing tension, which in turn allows us to relax find a much improved ability to sleep.



Rose Wellness started as a call of duty and a way to harness my boundless energy and passion for the wellness industry. As I looked at my 14 year health and fitness career from a bird’s eye view, I knew I was pretty good at doing a little bit of everything but wanted to focus and become an expert on one thing. Although my freelance wellness business was flourishing, I knew it was time to do more. I had an overwhelming sense of responsibility to help those around me who seemed to be lacking wellness management tools and strategies. I figured I should put all my expertise to better use so I decided to bring Rose Wellness to life.

I hope to inspire companies to be the best version of themselves. I want Canada to be known for its healthy workplaces.

My top four passions: fitness, horses, dance and all things elegant.  Rose Wellness is my opportunity to combine these passions in a meaningful way.


As our family moved often within Canada, sports became a way I could connect and feel a part of a new neighborhood. I was always playing some kind of sport or activity growing up. I was never much of a competitor though. According to my mother, in soccer when I was about 8, I would rather ‘chat up’ the competition than win or lose a soccer game. I also remember being afraid of getting hit by the ball. Yet, I had so much energy, it had to be directed somewhere. Eventually, and by choice I partook in sports that didn’t require working as a collective since I feared losing for the team (later I realized it was anxiety)! So badminton, equestrian and swimming were the sports I competed in – individual sports.

Gratefully, I started a weight training course in Grade 11 and for the first time, felt like I had arrived. Finally, I could exert energy without competing with another (only with myself of course). Yah! About a year later, my mother got me a membership at the Premier Fitness Club in Thornhill where we lived and I started taking group exercise classes. Immediately and for the second time, I felt like I had arrived. I knew one day, I would be teaching too. I trained and participated in endless group classes for the next eight years until I got my first fitness certification soon after graduating university in 2000.

Business surprisingly picked up quick and the intense workouts required some balance which led me to Yoga. I began studying on my own in 2001 as my boss wanted to put a yoga stretch class on the schedule. I was reluctant at first because it was a path I was unfamiliar with but forever will be glad I agreed. The yoga was that balance I was looking for to contrast my intense exercise and personal training schedule.

For the third time, with yoga, I felt like I had arrived. After practicing yoga and teaching stretch classes for two years, I completed my first yoga teacher training with Maureen Rae.

Three waves: weight training, group exercise & Yoga

Oddly enough, at the same time my mental health was suffering. Anxiety was beginning to govern all aspects of my life andI was starting to lose my way.

Yoga, tai-chi, modern dance, Pilates, conditioning, personal training, wellness consulting, choreography, dance, fat-loss, nutrition, posture, breathing, visualization.

I was content to handle any piece of equipment and create a class out of it. When teaching I had no anxiety, only NOW = relief

My countless battles with debilitating anxiety and my willingness to win the war must be shared.

paige in blue straight hair

Meaning in My Life

Wednesday July 23, 2014

I want help people be happier, lead healthier and motivated to produce more meaning in their lives.

Preventative health care is key. As the population ages, it is our responsibility to find ways to keep them active and motivated to make healthier choices.

We must constantly ask ourselves, how can we do things better? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the systems in place today?