Private Classes


Many a student has discovered what we do from experiencing a workshop put on by their employer. What often happens, when an employee applies themselves and begins to feel the invigoration that few simple exercises can provide and that they can do while sitting at their desk, is they begin to want more. Students will seek to deepen their relationship to a healthy lifestyle and become more interested in challenging themselves further. For some, joining one of the many group classes is sufficient. For others, a set of private classes, which can include training and mentoring, is what they really need to make progress.


As you can imagine there are only so many spaces available for this one-on-one work but it is intensely gratifying and I enjoy doing it. As long as there is space and time available I am happy to discuss private lessons and a custom program with you. If space is not available now, still feel welcome to let me know and we can introduce a number of great options, including but not limited to, putting you on a waiting list, getting you involved in group classes, connecting you with an alternate fitness professional, and more.

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