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Getting Started!

Hi there and welcome to Rose Wellness !  Whether you think of  yourself as “Working—Wellness” to get the most out of your healthy life or as “Wellness—Working” for you already as you get the most of life, we invite you to share your experience with us! Join with us, learn with us, share this site with your friends, colleagues and co-workers.

This page is the home page/blog and will always house the latest updates. This post will always remain at the top to orient new visitors, so if you’ve been here before, scroll-on-down and get to all the new and exciting stories, events and offerings. Thank you.

If you’re not sure what we do and want us to come tell you—simply invite us to visit you and we’ll come and present to you, at your location. If you’re an employee, just let your HR department know and we will happily work with them to arrange a visit. We are open to all requests. We present to groups large and small alike.  Act now! We look forward to meeting with you soon. Send us a Note and This Post on Financial Benefits